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Changelog 4 June 15

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jun 5th 15Updated Jun 18th 15

Welcome to the Cloud 66 weekly Changelog. Have a quick look at our awesome new features and changes that went out this week!

LiveLogs now in beta!

We're excited to announce a new feature called LiveLogs. This is now available in beta, and it allows you to stream live log data from your servers (this includes including Docker services and host logs).

We're pretty excited about this one, so let us know your thoughts on it; we can't wait to hear your feedback!


The updated Rackspace server types are now fully supported by Cloud 66.

Nginx bug-squash

A bug in Nginx 1.6.3 causes some logfiles not to be rotated correctly - we now automatically resolve this on your behalf (for new and old stacks!)

Cloud 66 Videos

Have a look at Cloud 66 videos. Learn how to deploy your first Docker stack and how to achieve zero-downtime deployments for Docker stacks on Cloud 66.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and stay tuned for more awesome videos.

What's on

  • Join our online event with Cloud A (10th of June).
    To find out more about how to roll out Cloud 66 containers on Cloud A and take a part in our webinar discussion, RSVP.

  • DevOps Masterclass, London meetup (11th of June).
    Join our event to find out more about container management and what happens to your code after you ship it? Meet awesome developers, listen to the interesting talks and of course, enjoy free beer and pizza. :) RSVP.

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