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Changelog 20th September 2018

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 20th 18Updated Jul 5th 22


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that have gone out this week!

Contextual Help for Skycap

Skycap users can now access contextual help within each page. Simply click the blue question mark icon at the top right of the page. We've also released a step-by-step guide to help you get started with Formation deployments. We will be rolling out more contextual help very soon.

CX Tooling for Stack Configuration Files

We've just pushed out some additional tooling support for stack configuration files. For power users with large stack counts, this now allows you to script application of configuration across your stack farm! For example: deploy your highly tuned and customized NGINX configuration to multiple stacks via the command line.

To get started, firstly ensure cx is updated (only needed once) by entering the command $ cx update.

You will then have a set of new tools available.

# List the configuration files available for your stack
$ cx stacks configuration list -s <stackname> [-e <stackenv>]

# Download a configuration file from your stack (and save to a file or output to stdout)
$ cx stacks configuration download -s <stackname> [-e <stackenv>] -t nginx [> /tmp/nginx.conf]

# Upload a configuration file to your stack (and apply it automatically or not)
$ cx stacks configuration upload -s <stackname> [-e <stackenv>] -t nginx --source /tmp/nginx.conf [--no-apply]

# Apply a configuration file on your stack (that was not applied previously)
$ cx stacks configuration apply -s <stackname> [-e <stackenv>] -t nginx

Couple of small things to note:

  • Where possible, validation of content will occur before new values are applied (and appropriate errors will be output)
  • Not all configuration files support the concept of being applied live - in those cases you should redeploy the stack to apply the changes
  • For technical reasons, service.yml and manifest.yml changes are still available via the configure command (and will be ported across as time allows)

We know some users have been waiting for this - so enjoy! (...and as always tell us how we're doing, and what we can be doing better!)

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Gartner Catalyst Conference, 26-27 September in London
We are proud to be a silver sponsor of Gartner Catalyst Conference (EU). Stop by our booth to hear about our approach to self-service container operations, especially for multi-environment and multi-cloud Kubernetes. Don't have a ticket? If you're an existing customer, get in touch and you may win a full conference pass on us.

Red Hat Forum UK, 9 October in London
Meet us at Red Hat Forum UK and ask us about complementing your OpenShift deployments with policy-as-code, configuration, security and secrets management in the container deployment pipeline. Also, find out more about Skycap's new features: Formations and Stencils.

Google Cloud Next ’18, 10-11 October in London
If you are attending the Google Cloud Next ’18 London give us a shout! We would love to meet and chat about our GCP journey including Kubernetes Ops, GKE, Cloud Build and more.

All Day DevOps, 17th October Online
We are supporting the live online All Day DevOps conference. This is a 24-hour event with session tracks include Cloud Native Infra and Monitoring, DevSecOps and Automated Security, CI/CD - Continuous Everything, SRE - Site Reliability Engineering, and Cultural Transformation.

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