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Changelog 20 July 2015

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 20th 15Updated Jul 21st 15


Take a few minutes and have a look at Cloud 66 awesome new features (and updates) that went out this week!

Storage backend support

This week we are thrilled to release a new awesome feature, called Storage Backend Support, which includes configuration of GlusterFS. GlusterFS gives you permission to create large, distributed storage backend for your Docker or Classic applications.

As always we have created an easy GlusterFS add-in for your stacks. That allows you to create multiple volumes, configure access control for volumes, configure your replica count and scale up/down your distributed storage.

Read more on our blog post.

More granular user access rules

We are pretty excited to announce a new version of our user access right control system. This update was really popular in our user voice ranking and is now available to everyone. It allows you to grant or deny access rights from a range of permissions to team members in your company.

Find out more on our blog post.

New status page

More than 2 years ago, we built the first version of our status page, with 100% availability and with less than $1 per month. Today it’s time to move on into a better system. Our new status page is now live at status.cloud66.com. Here you can subscribe to email and SMS notifications about maintenance and incidents at Cloud 66 as well as see live performance metrics of different components of the system.

Please go ahead and subscribe to the updates to make sure you know about any incidents and maintenance windows that might be coming up.

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