Changelog 14th January 2022

New Ruby versions released


For our Rails/Rack customers, the latest Ruby release v3.1.0 is now available. This is brand new, and Gems are still catching up, so please ensure your application works with this version locally before upgrading. For more information, see the official release notes.

Notifications Management via API


We have extended our API and the Cloud 66 Toolbelt (cx) to support downloading and updating application notifications. You can download your notifications and store them as a yaml file (which you can maintain locally). You can then apply this yaml file to an application or a set of applications in an Application Group.

Failover Groups via API


You can now list, add, configure and remove Failover Groups via the API and the Cloud 66 Toolbelt (cx). This was a much requested feature, so we are happy to have this out and available now!

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