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Changelog 14 May 15

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
May 14th 15Updated May 20th 15

Take a few minutes and have a look at Cloud 66 awesome new features (and updates) that went out this week!

Container failure alerts

You now have the option of receiving a container failure notification. If your service containers don't remain running after we start them, then we will try and restart them up to five times each, subsequently notifying you of the issue if they don't remain up after that..

As with other notifications, you can choose the method: email, Hipchat, via iOS push, Slack or Webhooks.

The health check during deployment is still the best way to ensure that your containers start correctly, however his mechanism now provides a way to track container crashes too.

Better Custom Nginx error

This change was implemented to provide you with more information about any issue preventing your application from serving content. With the new Cloud 66 Nginx error page you will be served a link to the problematic server in your Cloud 66 account to aid in your troubleshooting.

You can also set a custom Nginx error page, served from within one of your containers (by mounting the folder in which your custom error page resides to the host).

Support for non-bash enabled containers

We have modified our Docker networking-integration to no longer rely on bash, which allows you to run a wider range of images that may not support bash.

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