Changelog 10th February 2022

Rails default Node.js now v16


Our Rails/Rack customers may notice that we now install Node.js v16 when creating new servers. We typically keep this version as stable as possible to avoid breaking older applications. However, if you need a newer or older version to be installed, you can always specify the node.js version in your manifest!

Improvements to onboarding & GitHub integration


To make the onboarding easier we have streamlined and improved the process. The changes include integration with our new GitHub app, for easier authentication and deployment.

New AWS sizes and regions


We have added support for the following AWS regions:

  • Asia Pacific (Osaka)
  • Europe (Milan)

In addition, we have added support for the following AWS server size families:

  • c6i
  • hpc6a
  • i3p
  • m6a
  • m6i
  • r6i
  • x2iezn

This was a highly requested feature, so we hope you find it useful!

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