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Improved invoicing: featuring multi-currency and itemized billing support

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Feb 4th 16Updated Jul 26th 17

Since the last release, we've been working hard on improving the Account Payments dashboard based on your feedback. You told us you wanted more streamlined reporting, with clearer billing breakdowns and we're pleased to announce that the revamped billing section is now live.

The new features are available to all existing customers, and can be accessed through the Account Overview dashboard via the Payments section.

_ NOTE: _ The invoice improvements do not affect your monthly charges, and all existing data remains safe and sound.

Why have we made these changes?

Our old billing functionality was fairly generic in its output, and was not able to support the requirements of customers - particularly as it related to better in-app account management. Billing itemization was a highly popular request from customers who deploy projects on behalf of Clients, who wanted more granular billing data at the stack level.

New handy features

Head over to Cloud 66 Dashboard > Accounts > Payments , where you'll have access to the following enhancements:

Multi-currency support -
With a global footprint of customers, we felt it was important to present billing charges in a secondary currency alongside the standard $ USD charges.

These changes apply to our European customers, who can now request to view billing charges in GBP.

Invoices now display the date and both billing currencies. We use dynamic FX rates sourced daily from the European Central Bank. This functionality is available on demand.

Bill breakdown - This feature is available for your charges going forward. There are 2 ways of viewing this information:

  • detailed breakdown by stack name
  • detailed breakdown by tag

The breakdown charges by tag and by stack name are available in the .pdf file.

This is an ideal view for reviewing charges when your stacks are in different environments, or to monitor spend on each stack. Supporting itemized breakdowns was especially important for our agency customers, as they can now separate out charges for each client project, improving the accuracy and transparency of their own billings.

Downloads - Additionally, you can now download all invoices into .pdf and .csv file formats.

The new invoicing features are live and available for usage. As always, we thank you for your continued support and custom. Let us know what other features and functionality you'd like to see as part of the Cloud 66 service by connecting with us via the usual channels.

If you have any feedback or suggestion please, get in touch and let us know what are your thoughts.

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