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A Quick Note on Our Slack Application

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Aug 20th 19Updated Jun 20th 22


We rolled out the Cloud 66 Slack App back in 2014 when Slack was still a product in private beta, needed an invitation to sign up, and was aimed at software developer teams.

We worked with the Slack team to define some of the APIs needed for this and they integrated it into Slack for us. Many of our customers have since used and loved our Slack app to build and deploy infrastructure.

Yesterday, we received an email from the Slack team saying they are cleaning their codebase and are discontinuing their "Slack owned" version of the application by the end of September. The Cloud 66 App is currently part of their source code, and it was incompatible with their latest codebase changes, resulting in a decision by Slack to discontinue this App.

Understandably, they want to move all apps to be "vendor owned" and use their external APIs and clean up their codebase, so they reached out to us to develop a new Slack app as a replacement. As a courtesy to our customers, we asked them to let us develop the new app and include a migration plan to the new app in their communication with their customers.

Unfortunately, a couple of hours later they sent an email to all Cloud 66 App users telling them the app is going to be discontinued, because "it hasn't been maintained for some time", which is inaccurate.

Regardless, we apologize for the confusion caused by this to our customers. We are working on a new Slack app and will roll it out shortly and will do our best to make the switchover as seamless as possible.

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