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8 Cool Ops Tools for Devs

Fatih MehtapFatih Mehtap
Jun 1st 16Updated Jun 12th 19


What Dev's want?

The answer's simple: to build great stuff. You're not interested in all the moving parts, and we get that. That's why Cloud 66 takes care of all the orchestration pieces behind the scenes, so we can clear the way for you to focus on creating your app.

From analyzing your code, and building your Docker images, to the ability to add firewalls, backups, and SSL certificates, to deploying script free to a wide choice of cloud options, there's a lot of stuff that automgically goes on under the hood.

So if you're a new user who hasn't quite got to grips with all the cool things Cloud 66 can do, I thought it was worth covering the best of what our product features offer.

A toolkit where everything just works

  • EasyDeploy
    This is a tool for making the deployment and management of open source software super easy. For example if you wanted to install GitLab on Ubuntu, a manual process could take up to a few days. With EasyDeploy, you could be up and running in about an hour.

  • BuildGrid
    To build a Docker stack, you have the option to use our hosted image building service BuildGrid to have your Docker images built directly from your git code. Using BuildGrid helps you avoid having to create internal processes to output Docker images.

  • Toolbelt
    A command line tool that helps you manage your entire application stack, the Toolbelt is available for Linux, Mac and Windows users. This feature makes it possible for you to interact with Cloud 66 from the comfort of your command line.

  • ActiveProtect
    This is a feature that automatically protects your app against denial of service and brute-force attacks. ActiveProtect isolates and logs a list of current and past attacks (in the last 24 hours) with information about the source and destination.

  • LiveLogs
    A great feature for debugging containers in production, LiveLogs provides real-time web and console based logs, available across all running services, servers and containers with the ability to filter, search and view based on color code.

  • Deploy Hooks
    These are scripts that allow you to take action at various points during the deployment process. Redeployment hooks help you achieve continuous deployment by deploying your stack when you push a change to your Git repository or have a CI push.

  • Managed Databases (note: link to James article)
    With Cloud 66 you have the option to setup and configure a secure database server which includes; one-click replication support, database back-up and verification, multiple DB choice and configuration options.

  • Habitus
    An open source standalone build flow tool, you can create Docker images based on their Dockerfile and a build.yml. Maintained by Cloud 66, it helps you combine multiple Dockerfiles into complex build and deployment workflows.

Building great things together

Our vision is to create the tools needed by you to help make app deployment easy. We've worked really hard to create a product our customers (hopefully) love, and each time we hear exactly how we've taken the hassle, headache, time and cost out of deployments, we take that as a promise delivered upon.

We're really lucky to have you as part of our enthusiastic community of users, so please continue helping us make Cloud 66 even better by letting us know what features and functionality you covet the most.

We're listening.

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