[Webinar] Test and Deploy Scalable Meteor and Node applications with Codeship and Cloud 66

This blog post is a brief introduction to our upcoming webinar hosted together with Codeship. It includes a guideline of the demo on how to 'Test and Deploy Scalable Meteor and Node applications with Codeship and Cloud 66'.

To find out more or to ask questions, join the Webinar on Wednesday 22nd February at 6 PM (UTC) OR 1 PM (EST).

Webinar content:

The webinar will take about 35 minutes and it will cover the following points:

  • Introduction to Codeship and Cloud 66.

  • Step-by-step instruction how to build and test a Meteor application with Codeship Pro using an all Docker based test pipeline and using the command line tool Jet.

  • Step-by-step instruction how to build, deploy, manage and scale any Meteor or Node application with Cloud 66 for Node on any cloud or bring your own server.

  • Questions & Answers.

Why test, deploy and manage your Node (Meteor) app with Codeship with Cloud 66?

Why Meteor? The reason why developers are choosing Meteor for their project is real-time web attributes. It also allows to build and manage the front-end, the back-end, and the database with nothing but JavaScrip. Besides that, it is a very funky framework with the strong and diverse community support. :)

Why Codeship?

Codeship offers a fully customizable hosted CI platform. With the latest offering called Codeship Pro you get the flexibility of containers, testing and configure your CI/CD workflow through a simple web-interface or via 2 easy config files that sit in your repository.

Why Cloud 66?

Cloud 66 provides a complete set of tools to deploy Node, Rails and Docker applications in production on any cloud provider or your own server. It helps developers roll out software faster and more reliably to easily scale applications to simplify DevOps.

Combining the agility of Meteor, the flexibility of Cloud 66 and the convenience of code being tested by Codeship allows developers to create solid apps and sleep at night.

To see some of the features in action and how to test and deploy scalable Meteor and Node applications with Codeship and Cloud 66 register for our Webinar on Wednesday 22nd February at 6 PM (UTC) or 1 PM (EST).

Daniël van Gils

Daniël van Gils is a developer advocate at Cloud 66. He helps other developers craft web apps and container based architectures with ♥, to deploy on any server or public cloud.

Amsterdam & London
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