Two Factor Authentication for your accounts

We are excited to announce the general availability of two factor
authentication for all Cloud 66 accounts.

Two factor authentication is a great way to increase the security of
your servers and source code. It combines conventional passwords with
one-time codes available through another device like your mobile phone.

We support two factor authentication using Google Authenticator,
available for both iOS and Android devices.

To enable two factor authentication for your Cloud 66 account follow
these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Account from the left hand side
  3. From here you can see the Sign In Security item on the list.
  4. Click on Enable 2-factor authentication
  5. Download and install Google Authenticator
    (iOS or Android) on your mobile phone and click Next.
  6. Launch the app on your mobile, click the + button and scan the QR
    code you can see on your Cloud 66 account.
  7. Click Done.

You’re done! Now two factor authentication is enabled on your Cloud 66
account. After this point anyone trying to login to your account will
have to enter your password AND the code generated by Google
Authenticator on your phone.

Khash Sajadi

Khash is the founder and CEO of Cloud 66, a full stack container management as a service. Follow him on @khash

London, UK and San Francisco, US
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