Support for DigitalOcean Singapore datacenter

At Cloud 66 we pride ourselves in helping our customers deploy and manage their code on their cloud of choice and in any part of the world. As part of this effort, we’re happy to announce that we now support deploying to DigitalOcean’s Singapore datacenter. This will be greatly beneficial to users throughout Southeast Asia and nearby regions such as Australia and India.

Our customers in Asia and Australia now have the option of deploying in Hong Kong (Rackspace), Singapore (AWS, DigitalOcean), Sydney (AWS, Rackspace) and Tokyo (AWS, Linode). Aside from Asia and Australia, we also support Europe, North and South America.


Please refer to ourdocumentationfor more information about our region availabilities.

Khash Sajadi

Khash is the founder and CEO of Cloud 66, a full stack container management as a service. Follow him on @khash

London, UK and San Francisco, US
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