Riding Unicorns: We now support custom Rack servers


Another week and another feature that was on top of our most request
features list is now complete: Support for other Rack servers like
Unicorn, Thin and Puma.

By default we serve your Rails application with Phusion
, but from today, if you
would like to use Unicorn or any other
Rack servers you can do that.

The process is as simple as putting a line in your
Procfiles that is labeled as custom_web and following a couple of conventions to ensure traffic is
redirected to your Rack server and Cloud 66 can control the process.
Those are simple enough to integrate into your Unicorn configuration.

Please note: This feature is only available to new stacks.

You can find more detailed information about Unicorn support in Cloud

Khash Sajadi

Khash is the founder and CEO of Cloud 66, a full stack container management as a service. Follow him on @khash

London, San Francisco
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