Cloud 66 Command Line Toolbelt


Deploy, configure and check the status of your stacks from your command

Developers love command line and we love developers! That’s why today we
are excited to announce the general availability of Cloud 66 Toolbelt
command line tool.

Toolbelt is released as an open source ruby gem, so you know how to
deploy and update it better than we do.


gem install c66


gem update c66

Toolbelt automatically detects if there is a new version of the gem so
you always get the best and the latest version of it.

With Toolbelt you can see the list of your stack and deploy them from
command line. But what we are most excited about is the ability of doing
more than our Dashboard UI with it. These include changing the stack’s
git repository and branch which has been a high ranking feature request
for us.


  • init - Initialize the Toolbelt
  • help - Show help
  • list - List all stacks under your account
  • deploy - Deploy a stack
  • settings - Show the stack settings
  • set - Set the value of a stack setting
  • save - Link a stack ID with the current folder

Available Settings

  • git.repository- Change stack git repository URL
  • git.branch - Change stack git repository branch

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Khash Sajadi

Khash is the founder and CEO of Cloud 66, a full stack container management as a service. Follow him on @khash

London, UK and San Francisco, US
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